3 Days of Design – Enter the playful day of Verner Panton

04 maj, 2022

The annual Copenhagen design festival 3 Days of Design welcomes you to the colourful world of Verner Panton. This years’ design lovers will experience a playful landscape of extravagant shapes and colours, while letting your senses wander through the historic spaces of Lindencrone Mansion. VERPAN celebrates the impact of Panton’s most iconic and defiant designs expressed in the colours of a day and creates a tribute to his playful designs and use of bold colours.


Returning to the roots, VERPAN revives the original universe of Verner Panton which celebrates life and colours and lets you enter the journey of a day. The impressive surroundings of Lindencrone Mansion are transformed into a lush and soft seating landscape.

The colour palette of the exhibition is based upon Panton’s ‘Notes on Colour’ from 1997 which is an introduction to the designer’s work with an understanding of the art of choosing and combining colours in a bold and playful way.

When entering the exhibition, the journey begins with warm yellow and orange hues depicting a sunrise and the breathtaking, bright morning light which immediately ads a joyful feel.

Going further, visitors will meet the daytime and the centerpiece of the exhibition – a large Cloverleaf sofa in a bold green fabric. The green colour is a homage to the original inspiration for the sofa, the green clover.

You will also explore shades of rose and burgundy, adding a floral-like touch to the magnificent System 1-2-3 design from 1973.

The bold green colour and floral feel is a celebration to life and a reminder to keep enjoying each day in a playful way. Just like the philosophy of Verner Panton.

The journey ends at sunset where the visitor will meet shades of blue and where they can submerge into a calm and relaxing state.

The exhibition is located at Lindencrone Mansion, Sankt Annæ Plads 1.

Opening hours:
Wednesday 10-20
Thursday 10-18
Friday 10-18

Wednesday Courtyard Party

We invite you to our Wednesday Courtyard Party and celebrate this years’ design festival.
Enjoy a relaxing moment in the playful Verner Panton outdoor design, grab a glass of wine (or two) from our wine bar and celebrate the joy of life to the tones of our Stella Polaris house DJ.

The courtyard party is open from 15-20. Download pressekit