New Colours for Pantop Ø23

27 august, 2021

Verpan extends the Pantop Ø23 line with four new colours for Autumn 2021. 

Pantop Table Lamp

Last year, Verpan re-introduced the Pantop Ø23 Pendant and Table Lamp by Verner Panton in 8 bold colours, and now the Danish design company is ready with four new additions to the collection – bright red, burgundy, matte classic blue and a matte metallic.


The new colours
The new Pantop colours has been created in respect to Verner Panton and his profound understanding of colours and their ability to influence our mood and overall wellbeing. The Pantop design is simple, elegant and classic and it becomes even more expressed when in colour.

Bright Red: Red is a bold and powerful choice. The red colour is filled with tension, willpower and warmth. Red is eccentric and full of life, and it symbolizes movement, activity and the longing for adventure.

Burgundy: The burgundy colour creates an opportunity to give every room a personal touch. Burgundy is a warm, elegant and luxurious colour, but at the same time you can use the colour to create cozy and intimate settings in your interior decoration.

Matte Classic Blue: The blue addition in the Pantop collection is a clear reference to Verner Panton, as blue was said to be his favourite colour. The blue colour gives an impression of relaxed sensitivity and calmness. The soothing blue tone creates a feeling of cleanliness and awakens associations to the calm nature.

Matte Metallic: The metallic edition of the Pantop is a glamorous and sophisticated choice. The metallic colour add a modern edge and gives your rooms a touch of a high-tech-feeling. Visually, the metallic colour has a great ability to reflect light which makes it a playful choice.

The new colour palette beautifully complement one another, and gives room for endless combinations. It invites you to experience the effect that both colour and finish can have.

A diverse classic
The Pantop Ø23 was designed by Verner Panton in 1980 and is available as a table lamp and pendant in 12 colours and three finishes to fit into a wide number of settings and interiors. The table lamp fits perfectly in the window sill, bookcase or counter, and the pendant works equally well on its own as it does in clusters giving you the freedom to be creative and create your own personal expression.

Keeping with its bell-shaped widely flaring shade, the Pantop Ø23 offers an almost optimal combination of ambient and functional lighting.

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