Cloverleaf Sofa for Danish Architecture Centre

Cloverleaf Sofa for Danish Architecture Centre

DAC has chosen two Cloverleaf In-& Outdoor Sofas for its entrance/reception area. The In-& Outdoor version of the Cloverleaf is particularly well-suited for hard-use areas and its hard surface can withstand almost anything you throw at it and will continue to look good for years. 

For its educational area, DAC has chosen the SERIES 430 Stool in a variety of colourful Hallingdal upholstery. The comfort, versatility and playful expression of the stool made it an obvious choice for the space.

Product: Cloverleaf In-& Outdoor Sofa, Series 430 and various products for the DAC Designshop
Upholstery: Hallingdal
Application: Public Space / Museum / Education
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: Danielsen Space Planning + Holmris B8